June Events

League of Democrat Women – 6:30 pm Friday 2 @ Trinity Fellowship Hall

Come meet this energetic group of women. Good food and great company provided!

Voter Registration Drive – 5 pm Friday 3 @ Red Brick Nights, Oklahoma and Wentz in Guthrie

Come get people registered and eat at some food trucks! Not everyone can get to a tag agency between 9-5 so we’re gonna help them get registered. Come hang out with us!

County Meeting – 1 pm Saturday 10 @ Trinity Fellowship Hall

We are having two meetings again this month to test the best attendance. Thursday nights are winning so if you want a Saturday meeting you better show up!

Voter Registration Drive – 8 am Saturday 17 @ Guthrie Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is going to be at Tractor Supply Company this year. The address is 772 Heather Road, Guthrie, 73044

County Meeting – 7 pm Thursday 22 @ Trinity Fellowship Hall

Our meetings are getting more interesting each time. Lots of things you can do! Come get involved!

Book Club – 7 pm Thursday 29 @ Deb’s (As this is a member’s residence, if you would like the address, please email us)

Come discuss the works of George Lakoff.

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