LC Dems Fall Roundup Speaker: Debbie Hogue Downing

Debbie Hogue Downing
Debbie Hogue Downing

The Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women’s Clubs is an organization very rich in history and tradition. For over 50 years the OFDW has been uniting women and promoting the Cause of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. The OFDW continues to be the strongest of the Democratic organizations because of the hard working women of Oklahoma.

Through our organization Democratic women across Oklahoma work to elect Democrats by campaigning, fund raising, and educating others about the candidates and the values Oklahoma Democrats share. From registering voters, to running for office, the women of the OFDW are working to make Oklahoma a better place for future generations.

We offer ongoing training sessions to keep our members educated and to foster new ideas.

I think you will find our Facebook Page is full of information about candidates, voting and current Oklahoma issues. Knowledge is power and the OFDW is Empowering for Progress.

Debbie Hogue Downing

State President

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