LC Dems Fall Roundup Speaker: Joshua Harris-Till

Joshua Harris-Till
Joshua Harris-Till

Born in Dallas, Texas to a single mother, Joshua’s life is not unlike that of the people in Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District. Joshua knows all too well about hard choices, as his family was sometimes forced to choose between housing and groceries. He also understands the sacrifices parents have to make in order to ensure a better life for their children. When his mother relocated to Rayville, Louisiana to care for her mother after her father had passed; Joshua went with her and learned what it is to take care of your loved ones, and of the need for expanded medical care. When his grandmother passed, the family moved to Broken Arrow and his mother attended Rhema Bible College and then went on to Oklahoma Wesleyan where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Joshua witnessed her struggle to realize the dream of his grandparents whose only wish was to see their children succeed.

While attending Broken Arrow High School, he found roots in the rolling hills of Oklahoma. Joshua’s family would continue to thrive in Oklahoma, fulfilling the hopes of generations before him. Joshua became an active member of his church and the Broken Arrow community. He continued his involvement at Northeastern State University where he served in multiple student organizations both civic and academic while earning his bachelor’s degree in political science.

In 2012, Joshua had the privilege of working in former Congressman Dan Boren’s district office. In this capacity, Josh responded to concerns and assisted constituents, especially veterans, as they navigated federal issues and offices. When tragedy struck his family in 2013, as a gunman brought mass shootings into his families’ lives, a stance against common sense guns regulations and stronger stance against domestic violence was formed. When his mother called him and informed him she had stage 4 cancer, Joshua dropped everything to follow her example of taking care of family. It was here that he saw the funds of FMLA dry up, and the Affordable Health Care Act step up and insure his mother, at a lower rate, while keeping her doctor.

Today, Joshua continues to serve the people in the community he loves. Currently, he resides in Tahlequah where he works as a technician in power plants all around the country. He represents the state of Oklahoma as President of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma and still finds time to volunteer in the community in his free time. Whether walking a mile in his mother’s shoes, advocating for equality across the board, or mentoring the youth, Joshua is determined to give back to the community that invested in him.

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