LC Dems Fall Roundup Speaker: Anna Langthorn

Anna Langthorn
Anna Langthorn

Anna Langthorn broke onto the political scene with her work as the campaign manager to elect Kay Floyd, the first openly gay woman to be elected to the state legislature. However, a self-starter with a passion for encouraging involvement from young folks, women, and communities of color, this was far from Anna’s first fight to break through barriers, or her last.

In her first party leadership role, Anna served as the president of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma for two years. During her tenure, she led young Democrats to champion a ballot initiative in Bartlesville, knock more than 20,000 doors as part of a get out the vote effort for Kathy Taylor, and take the largest delegation in the country to the Young Democrats of America 2013 convention. She has also represented the party as an alternate delegate and a page at two Democratic National Conventions.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is an organization close to Anna’s heart, because she began her political career as an intern with the state party. Her work ethic, enthusiasm, and ability to build a skill set in graphic design, fundraising, and get out the vote efforts, soon turned heads and won elections. She refused to settle for what was expected, and instead strove to not only personally do better, but to challenge others to step up. Anna has put her passions into action, knocking doors everywhere from Oklahoma City to Tulsa and Tahlequah to McLoud. She has worked for a diverse group of candidates including Native, Latina, Asian-American, black, transgender and gay candidates–making sure everyone has the chance to have their voice heard in the political process.

Anna has taken charge of recruiting candidates and managing races at all levels, from municipal to state races. Anna has also consulted on a number of Cherokee Nation tribal council races, in addition to her role as Deputy Campaign Manager for the successful re-election of Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker. Regarded as an expert in the field, Anna brings a successful history of fundraising, targeting, and recruiting. A native Oklahoman and life-long Democrat, Anna hopes to use her campaign proficiency and drive to build a more resilient and effective program that encourages engagement statewide, and ultimately helps elect more Democrats.

At a point in time when Democrats have not only an opportunity but a responsibility to challenge the status quo and fight for folks right here in Oklahoma, Anna hopes to use her enthusiasm and know-how to build a party that works for us all. In a time when it’s easy to lose hope, Anna is fired up and ready to continue to forge a path as a changemaker.

Anna currently resides in Oklahoma City, where she is a registered voter in Oklahoma County. She intends to serve the party as a full-time chair, and focus on recruitment, messaging, and providing effective support for elected officials, candidates, activists, and party officials.

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