LC Dems Fall Roundup Speaker: Nicole McAfee

Nicole McAfee joined the ACLU of Oklahoma in August of 2017 as the Smart Justice Campaign Manager. Nicole has a variety of organizing experience, including working on coordinated DSCC and DCCC races in Colorado, running field programs in the Cherokee Nation, and serving as the 2016 Oklahoma campaign manager with Hillary for America. Her campaign passions include engaging the electorate in advocacy and the electoral process, and recruiting a diverse field of candidates who are reflective of their constituencies..  Born in Austin, and raised in South Central Texas, Nicole graduated cum laude from Texas A&M University in 2011 with degrees in International Studies and French. Though her focus had long been foreign policy, while watching Texas State Senator Wendy Davis fight for access to basic rights from her apartment in Poland, Nicole felt called to return to the United States, and ultimately her family’s home of Oklahoma. She was committed to being a part of the fight to ensure folks didn’t lose access to their rights. Nicole continues to be motivated by her passion for voter access and engagement, criminal justice reform, and working to elect officials who serve the interests of their constituents.When she’s not talking to voters, Nicole enjoys live music, college football, and exploring local restaurants.

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