Erin Brown, Guthrie Historian and Land Run Researcher will speak July 18, 2018

Erin Brow36304203_1794893337264819_531348997101584384_nn is the Curator of Collections for the Oklahoma Historical Society at the Oklahoma Territorial Museum & Historic Carnegie Library in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in History, Museum Studies and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Media Design. She serves as Chair of the Historic Town site Committee for the City of Guthrie and sits on the Board of the Mountain Plains Museums Association as the representative for the Emerging Museum Professionals. She is an accomplished public speaker, having created and hosted many sessions, workshops, and various educational programming. She writes history or museum focused articles for local publications and social media. Erin often focuses on social, scientific, legal, or economic issues while studying history. She has created several exhibits including one about Bending the Rules of Victorian Etiquette and one on the Lethality of Patent Medicines. Her favorite character in Oklahoma history is Kate Barnard, the progressive activist who greatly influenced the Oklahoma state constitution. Find her history articles at

I’ve been studying the Land Run of 1889, Oklahoma and Indian Territory’s for the last ten years and I’m still blown away by the things I learn every day. I promise, it’s not the story you think you know. It’s not the story you remember from grade school. A year after the Land Run of 1889, 47.8% of the population of the United States was made of immigrants and First Generation Americans. People who were born in another country or their parents were.

Do you identify yourself as American or Oklahoman? Do you recognize your families’ ethnicity? How many generations does it take to become American? I wanted to know who were the people that came to the territories. Where were they from? Why did all those people come here? The answer I found is a simple one. Why does anyone leave home? Why do people move? They hope to escape something and/or are in search for something better. We’ll talk about all the issues that pushed and pulled immigration to the United States and eventually, to Oklahoma.

Looking forward to it.
Erin Brown
Curator of Collections
Oklahoma Territorial Museum
Oklahoma Historical Society

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