Join us!

The last meeting for this month will be 7:00 Thursday the 25th at the Trinity Fellowship Hall, 310 E Noble Ave, Guthrie, 73044. Doors open at 6:30. We will have another raffle this week, neighbor signs to sell, and you'll be able to preorder your Logan County Democrats Shirts.

Meet Us In May

Please, join us! We will be kicking off our meeting raffles, $1 a ticket. (Saturday's will be something tasty.) Some committees will have their first meetings afterwards. The book club will announce it's first book and meeting. We should have our "We're Glad Your Our Neighbors" signs by Saturday as well. They are $10.

Oklahoma Strong

Democrats strive for a healthier future for our state and improving the quality of life for all Oklahomans. We believe in rewarding hard work and expanding opportunities for all Oklahomans in order to create stronger communities. Our state is facing a one-billion-dollar budget shortage. S&P has lowered our state’s bond rating. We are on the... Continue Reading →

Together, Forward

The truth in numbers: Democrats and Independents make up 42% of Logan County’s registered voters as of January 2017. Roughly 30% of total registered voters in Logan County didn’t vote in November 2016. In our state, Democrats and Independents tend to not believe their vote counts, but it does! Independent’s Role If you are registered... Continue Reading →

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